Learn how to Boost your Practice in Type 2 Diabetes Reversal at your own Clinic?

With 20 years of Research in Diabetes and proving its benefits to thousands of patients, Madhavbaug proudly presents Diabetes Reversal Course Exclusively for BAMS Doctors.

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Dr. Gurudatta Amin will provide you with a step-by-step guide to becoming an expert in reversing Type 2 Diabetes


Why to become Diabetes Reversal Expert?

If you are Looking for a Clinically-proven Solution to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, then this Educational Online Webinar is for you!


To Become An Expert In Type 2 Diabetes Reversal, You Will Need:

Sound knowledge of diabetes reversal concepts:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and strategies involved in reversing type 2 diabetes through education and learning from reputable sources.

Quality medicines with defined results:

Utilize reliable medications that have proven efficacy in managing and reversing type 2 diabetes.

Digital application for patient tracking:

Utilize a digital application that allows for effective tracking and monitoring of patients' progress, including blood sugar levels, medication adherence, Exercise adherence and lifestyle changes.

Dietitian call support system:

Implement a support system that provides access to dietitians who can offer guidance, answer questions, and help patients improve their dietary compliance to achieve better diabetes management.

Support from experts in critical cases:

Seek support from experts in complex or critical cases, allowing for personalized guidance and management of unique challenges that may arise during the type 2 diabetes reversal process.

Guidance to market yourself:

Receive guidance on effectively marketing your expertise in type 2 diabetes reversal, including strategies for reaching and educating a wider audience, promoting your services, and establishing yourself as a trusted authority in the field.

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Our Successfull Diabetes Reversal Experts

Dr. Priyanaka Desale

Madhavbaug’s Diabetes Reversal Course is really good. If you are a doctor practising Ayurveda, doing this course is a must! Senior Doctors teach you how to take patient follow-up, how to monitor a patient, how to guide patients with medications. I’m really satisfied with the level of mentoring I have received in this course.

Dr. Kirti Sachdeva

I joined Madhavbaug’s Diabetes Reversal Course last year, and this proved to be a turning point in my clinical practice. It has boosted my confidence and my patients have got better results. If you are dealing with patients and finding some difficulties, you get support from Gurudatta Sir on how to address them.

Dr. Pranali Paradkar

While I was doing this course, we got amazing guidance on Ayurveda and Modern Medicine from Gurudatta sir. Whenever we practice in OPD, see newer cases, how to handle them is taught in this course. If you want to take your practice to the next level, then this course from Madhavbaug is the perfect solution.


About Dr. Gurudatta Amin

  • Chief Medical Officer Madhavbaug
  • BAMS, MD(Samhita)
  • Six Sigma BB certified
  • 63 research paper published
  • Exceptional Presence on TV as invited guest and Expert
  • Leading team of 450 Drs , R&D , Product Development , Patient Improvement Experts &1200 Panchakarma Therapists , Patient Care Executives
  • Voted as India’s top 10 Chief Medical officer in 2029 By CEO insights survey.

Dr. Gurudatta Amin has made invaluable contributions to Madhavbaug's Research and Development sector, passionately exploring and implementing new and improved treatment methods for the complete reversal of NCD like Diabetes , Hypertension and Heart disease . Furthermore, he has utilized various media platforms, including TV and radio programs, to raise awareness about the importance of healthy living among millions of citizens. His unwavering commitment to providing relief from lifestyle-related diseases and helping countless patients overcome their illnesses has made him an exemplary figure. Dr. Gurudatta Amin continues to be a source of inspiration and a driving force in the field of healthcare.

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Exclusively for BAMS Doctors

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